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Welcome to LoveOne Consulting AB!


We are a small IT development shop building web based solutions with specialist knowledge in agile development. My name is Mattias Ånstrand.


We aim to specialise in helping Japanese companies with their IT development. We have the unique competence in working in an agile way while communicating completely in Japanese using our Japanese consultants. We believe a lot of Japanese companies already outsource their IT-development, but we believe we can do it better!

In summary we see that our competitors projects are

  • Are slow especially regarding the time required for the first version to be released in production.
  • Inflexible in addressing changing requirements from the client.
  • Often produces complex and hard to understand user interfaces
  • Are overstaffed
  • Is hindered by communication in English rather than Japanese and by consultants not familiar with Japanese business practices.

We believe our client solutions are:

  • Are quick, especially in looking at time required for getting the first release into production.
  • Very flexible in handling changing requirements
  • Uses simple and easy to understand user interfaces that can be used both on computers, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Uses a few very experienced consultants.
  • All client communication are handled by Japanese consultants.

Agile development

We believe in the simple fact that that really big IT development projects almost always fail. My experience has taught me two facts: The volume discount works backwards and scaling by increasing staff does not work. This is quite unintuitive; after all most things gets cheaper by increasing volume and most problems can be solved faster by increasing staff. The key to success is to divide a big project into small projects, build and release one before going on to the next one. This is for us the very essence of agile development. This is something that a lot of companies claim but very few can truly deliver. 

Idea of team 

Mattias Ånstrand - Agile project planning, systems architect. I have 15 years as free lance consultant, the last 10 years with my own consulting shop. 

大前剛 - Requirements gathering, server development. 大前 has 10 years experience of developing backends for web based systems in Japan. 

山崎敦子 - Visual mockups, client development. 山崎 has 5 years experience in developing clients for web based systems in Japan and in Sweden. 


We think the smartness of agile development combined with the ease of communication with help our Japanese consultants put us in an unique position.