Welcome to LoveOne Consulting AB!

We are a small consulting company with long experience in developing IT systems for our clients. We believe we are part of a new generation of smarter and agile consultants in Sweden. Example of work include integrating the client’s various systems and to build internal or external information systems. We use modern web and mobile technologies.

What sets us apart from the competition is our agile, iterative working process and our ability to work in Japanese. I will try to briefly explain our working process and compare it to how most of our competitors work below.

Our working process

The problem

A lot of IT development projects fail and they are almost always delayed. The most common reason for failure is trying to do too much in one go. In a lot of areas economy of scale applies. The more that can be done in one go the cheaper per unit it will be. For example it is better to order all the components that is needed to build something in one go, and if ordering big volumes a discount per unit is often given. In IT development however the opposite applies, which might be quite surprising! We often see our competitors create very big projects with their clients which are staffed with dozens of consultants and often run for many months sometimes years and in the end they often fail completely or deliver a system that is not delivering business value. The reason for this is that they try to solve to many tasks in one go.

The solution

Our solution the problem is our agile working process. Since we like close collaboration with our clients we are explaining the agile method and agree with our client how to best work together. Once that is in place we do a strategic overview of the challenges and possibilities our client face but from that we soon drill down to the most acute problem to solve. We do a more detailed plan of this particular problem and then start developing a solution. During development we involve the client in regular meetings to assure the solution meets the client’s needs and is easy to use. Testing is done continuously. We can then often release the first solution in a matter of weeks. This is a big change from the traditional approach where the first release often takes many months to deliver. From the first release we quickly move on to the client’s next challenge. After a while we could often have several releases each week. Another reason this way of working is much more successful is that the client’s demands and challenges often change very quickly and in this way we can alter the direction of development. We also believe that when it comes to the user interface the users often need to see a prototype of the system to realise potential problems, working in this iterative way makes it possible for us to address those problems directly.

In summary we see that our competitors projects are

  • Not agile.
  • Are slow especially regarding the time required for the first version to be released in production.
  • Inflexible in addressing changing requirements from the client.
  • Often produces complex and hard to understand user interfaces
  • Are overstaffed
  • Is hindered by communication in English rather than Japanese and by consultants not familiar with Japanese business practices.

We believe our client solutions are:

  • Agile.
  • Are quick, especially in looking at time required for getting the first release into production.
  • Very flexible in handling changing requirements
  • Uses simple and easy to understand user interfaces that can be used both on computers, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Uses a few very experienced consultants.
  • All client communication are handled by Japanese consultants.

Japanese ability

We have experienced Japanese consultants in our team. The requirement gathering and all the communication in the project will be held in Japanese.

Because of our process we can offer a first solution to a concrete business problem for a fixed price and fixed time, and since the time is usually around 6 weeks and the staff would be 2 or 3 consultants the upfront investment and risk is minimal.

Idea of team

Mattias Ånstrand – Agile project planning, systems architect. I have 15 years as free lance consultant, the last 10 years with my own consulting shop.

Atsuko Yamazaki – Visual mockups, client development. Yamazaki has 5 years experience in developing clients for web based systems in Japan and in Sweden.